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Divorce and Separation

We have the experience needed to guide you through your divorce or separation. Your attorney is your ally and advocate to protect your interests and rights. For every client, we work for the absolute best possible resolution at the lowest possible cost.

Child Custody

Your children are an important part of your divorce or custody case. If children are involved in your case, they are a priority. The process and outcome of your case must be protective of their interests. Making sure that they get through the process with as little trauma as possible will be a priority.

Child Support

We take care to work out the best solution for child support in your case. Even though there is a set guideline child support calculator, there are a variety of solutions to assist you in resolving the issue of child support.

Spousal Support

The skills and experience of your family law attorney make all the difference in spousal support negotiations. This is one area where you need an attorney who is experienced in court as well as in settlement. We have extensive experience in both areas and can advise you so that a fair settlement can be negotiated. If one side is not being reasonable in the negotiation process, we are prepared to be your advocate in the courtroom.
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